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For 25 years Buck has been pursuing his passion in "Education Through Entertainment." He first started "Buck & Hank's Immobile Road show" performing at fairs, festivals, and schools around the Northwest.  Today he IS "Cowboy Buck" to  his many fans and continues to share his passion with audiences around the world.  Engaging families at fairs and festivals with his original songs like Little Kids Town, Funky Monkey, Polar Bears and Penguins, and Cow Cow Yucky; leading students through the Creative Writing Process (CWP) and producing original music for each new song (over 100 each year); while also providing fun active programs at schools with original songs on teamwork, self-esteem, bullying and much more.  Buck delights in bringing smiles to all around him and is never too busy to meet a new friend, sign an autograph, or teach you how to spin a rope.

“Animated personality” “Dynamic vocals” “the best ventriloquist EVER” are just a few of the many talents Elizabeth brings to the stage.  From character voices to soulful blues she is comfortable with Looney Tunes and Patsy Cline. She is a delight to meet and converse with on any number of topics, but you’ll soon find her greatest passion is, in her own words, “there is no greater feeling than the one you get seeing the faces of your audience and then being able to visit with them after every show.  I love letting each individual know they are uniquely special…”
Together, Buck & Elizabeth put on a high energy show which includes interactive musical comedy with dance, sing-along, and ventriloquism. Their music and their personalities are sure to charm audiences of all ages.

PO Box 1510 Castle Rock, WA 98611  |  P~253.209.6826